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受生命科学与技术学院邀请,美国MD Anderson癌症中心博士后研究员王芳博士近日来我校进行讲学活动,欢迎校内师生参加。

目:Deconvoluting cancer genomic heterogeneity based on bulk and single cell sequencing data


间:1230日 下午1530



王芳,女。美国MD Anderson癌症中心博士后研究员,曾任哈尔滨医科大学副教授。哈尔滨工业大学数学系本科毕业,哈尔滨医科大学生物医学工程专业博士毕业。研究集中在生物信息学领域,针对癌症多维组学数据开发数学、统计模型解决癌症相关的生物学问题,取得的一系列研究成果在癌症诊断和预后等方面有着重要的应用前景。在Nature Methodscell等国际顶级期刊发表SCI论文35篇(论文总引766次);曾主持国家自然科学基金青年项目,作为骨干,参与美国自然科学基金等研究项目;国家自然科学基金青年项目评审专家和近10个国际知名期刊审稿人。


Single cell sequencing technology can reveal genome and transcriptome at single cell resolution, leading deconvoluting tumor heterogeneity at a higher resolution than bulk sequencing technology. We present an ab initio method SCMarker that performs unsupervised marker selection by identifying genes that have subpopulation-discriminative expression levels and are co- or mutually-exclusively expressed with other genes. Additionally, copy number alterations (CNAs) play an important role in cancer initiation and progression. CNA profiles in single tumor cells present an archaeological record enabling retrospective lineage tracing. Although single cell sequencing technology have enabled accurate, cost-effective acquisition of integer CNA profiles at single-cell resolution, existing computational methods are neighbor intelligent nor scalable to genome-wide analysis of large number (N > 50) of cells. To overcome these challenges, we developed a novel, efficient computational approach (Medatree) which constructs a single-cell lineage tree detailing the minimal number of single-copy gain or loss event during the evolution of cancer, and the genealogical relations amongst thousands of cells in a tumor cell population.

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